Coronavirus Update


Alliance Community’s COVID-19 Plan of Action

Latest Update: August 27, 2021

Alliance Community remains committed to being proactive in protecting the health of each of our residents and staff members. We also want to communicate with you as much as possible to assure you that every precaution possible is being taken on your behalf.  In addition to the previous communications we have activated the following:

  • All Chapel Worship Services, meetings and indoor activities require everyone to wear a mask.
  • Screening is required to enter the Health Care Center and ALFs.  Screening is done at the Health Care Center Lobby.
  • Additional precautions may be implemented as needed.

We will continue to monitor this situation very closely and will bring you further reports as necessary.  We appreciate the support and understanding that you, our residents, have already shown as we maintain a proactive manner to help keep our community safe. 

To Our Residents and Family Members

We know many of you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and how it may impact us here at our facility.

Please understand that you could be a carrier of the virus without any symptoms and entrance to our Facility could possibly cause an outbreak for our vulnerable population.  Visits are currently being held outside the Health Care Center on the patio and scheduled by the activities department unless you are a compassionate caregiver, at which point you are given access to visit inside the facility by appointment only.  Compassionate caregivers are authorized by our Administrator and Director of Nursing.  We understand that connecting with your loved ones is incredibly important, and there are a variety of other ways you might consider communicating with them during this time. These may include telephone, email, text, video chat or social media. If you believe a visit to the Facility is absolutely necessary, we request that you contact the Administrator or Director of Nursing before your arrival.

Please make sure we have your most current, accurate emergency contact information. We want to make sure we efficiently communicate with you should there be any new developments. We will notify you if any residents or staff are diagnosed with COVID-19.  

Should you have any questions feel free to contact our Facility directly at 386-734-6401 or 386-734-3481. For additional information, please visit the CDC’s Coronavirus disease page.


We thank you for your efforts and assistance in keeping our residents safe.

COVID-19 virus update