Here you will find frequently asked questions about our community and the lifestyle our residents enjoy every day as they live life their way. If the answer to your question is not here, please contact us at 1-800-334-4133 or by email:

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. The Alliance Community for Retirement Living opened its doors on April 1, 1954 with one building, which contained 12 beds and had one caregiver. Since then, the Alliance Community has experienced significant growth that has improved the wellbeing and resources available to residents. Today, we offer 65 private residences and duplexes, 49 apartments, The Groves Assisted Living, and Alliance Health and Rehabilitation Center, which offers skilled nursing care with a designated memory wing.

Q. How many residents do you have?

A. Our resident population varies but averages right around 275 people in both the independent homes and the healthcare facilities.

Q. If I move into an independent residence, do I bring my own furniture?

A. Yes! Bring your own furniture, hang your own pictures, and decorate it as you would any other home you would live in. As long as you live there, it’s your home. We encourage the personal touch.

Q. Do I have to mow my own yard or fix anything that breaks?

A. No! We have a full time Ground Maintenance Crew and a full time Home Maintenance Crew that takes the worry out of home upkeep. We will handle all lawn care, landscaping, and irrigation, leaving the backyards available for those with a green thumb. When it comes to the home, we will take care of everything from major repairs to things as minor as changing a light bulb. We’ll even help you hang your pictures.

Q. What kind of security do you have?

A. Our Public Safety Department provides safety and security with a patrolling officer on campus, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Private Residences and Duplexes are also equipped with an In-home Alarm System monitored by our Officers who, if necessary, can access the city police and fire departments that are less than a mile away. We also provide an Emergency Response System in each home which provides our residents with the peace of mind in knowing if anything happens, their needs will quickly be met.

Q. Do I have to give you all my assets when I move there?

A. No! You are in total control of your finances. You receive a monthly statement from our Finance Department, just like any other bill you receive. While we do have an organization on campus who offers such services as bill paying and financial planning, it is the responsibility of each independent resident to manage their own assets.

Q. Is there transportation if I can’t drive?

A. Absolutely! We have a full time driver on staff, along with a community bus and van. We provide FREE transportation to weekly shopping trips, off-campus activities, and various types of day trips. For a small charge, we can provide transportation for personal needs such as doctor’s visits and trips to the airport.

Q. What if I move away? Do I lose all my Entrance Fee?

A. When a new resident moves in, The Entrance Fee is applied over a term of 48 months, which means if someone decides to move away from the community in the first 4 years, they will receive a depreciated amount of the original Fees.