In Their Own Words...

“We greatly appreciate ACRL because it has everything we need at this stage in our life. Although we greatly love our two daughters and they greatly love us, we do not want to be a burden to them in our old age. ACRL provides a wonderful place to live during our later independent years, Assisted Living facilities when and if it becomes necessary and full-time nursing provisions when and if that becomes necessary. The Alliance Community is home for us and we love it.”

Alan and Eleanor G.

“I am experiencing a sense of security, peace, and contentment as the years go by. I am also developing friendships that seem to give me a sense of belonging to a Christian family. There are also many opportunities to strengthen my Christian faith, continue growing as a believer, and serve others here as the various needs occur.

(ACRL) is a caring Christian community that is sensitive to the spiritual and physical needs of its residents and is continually striving for ways to improve.”

Elizabeth P.

“The Alliance Community is my ‘home’ where I am independent and happy with the knowledge that there is care for my future needs without being a burden to my family, taking them from their own families and work. That is satisfying to me and probably also to them.”

Lucille B.

“We were in our middle seventies and had no children, so we thought it would be wise to begin planning for our future. If anything happened to one of us, what would the other one do?

After investigating several possibilities, we chose The Alliance Community for Retirement living in DeLand, Florida. We have lived at ACRL for 8 ½ years, and have not been disappointed that we chose this lovely place. The residents are friendly, kind, caring, and genuinely concerned for one another. The Management and staff show a personal interest in each one. Believing this is God’s will and place for us, we are enjoying our retirement years.”

Bill and Lois N.

“ACRL is a supportive, Christian community in which a retiree can serve God fully while enjoying the assurance of lifelong care, as needed.”

Dr. Gordon B.

“ACRL is one large loving, caring and praying family. I thank God for bringing me to this community. All of my needs are being met and I have been truly blessed.”

Hazel B. 29 year resident

“As I looked toward retirement years, I desired a safe place where I could enjoy activities that would be available and have Christian fellowship with other believers. I also was looking ahead to a place where there would be assistance given with daily care needs. Later, I desired a skilled nursing facility on campus, when that care would be needed. The Alliance Community is fulfilling what I desired and God has blessed me through the loving care given by administration, staff and employees.”

Doris R.

“After a distinct realization that it was time to begin looking at retirement centers in this area, I received a generic postcard inviting me to visit ACRL. I had not heard previously of this community. I had an initial tour with the Executive Director, then follow-up visits and discussions with the sales director. I asked a friend to visit with me and offer her opinion. She is a nurse whose parents have owned and operated nursing homes in several states. After prayer and careful consideration, I moved to ACRL in March of 2004 and have never doubted for one moment this is where God has placed me. ACRL is a clean, well maintained Christian retirement community which offers a choice of living arrangements, assistance as needed and opportunities for spiritual and social activities.”

Joan T.

“When I returned to the states after a life time of missionary work in Peru, I had no place to live. I wanted to settle down in a comfortable setting, which needed to have at least these requirements: A place for me to learn to adjust to living in America. A place for me to have some ministry, as I had all my life. And, A place where I could be cared for, for the rest of my life. At ACRL, I found all those and many more amenities: Oodles of friends; prayer partners; a comfortable independent home; recreation activities; helpful neighbors; and, in general, a loving Christian community. I’d recommend it to any and all.”

Joyce H.

“This first year here has been one of getting acquainted with my neighbors and the facilities here. I’m thankful to the Lord for providing such a pleasant place for me. The Alliance Community is a place of happy, contended, children of God awaiting His return.”

Vonnie M

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