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What Is Alliance Community?

At Alliance Community, you can live as independently as you are used to while also having your future needs met if they are ever needed. Our living situations provide maintenance free environments, as well as accommodations for you to live just as you did before. We are a unique type of retirement community by offering both solutions for your retirement, because our community also includes a dining hall, chapel, Assisted Living, club house, gym, and more.

Our Features

Deland Alliance Community offers a variety of features in our community. We are walking distance from Downtown Deland, where you will find a great deal of restaurants, antique and unique shops, and many artistic sights. While we offer an independent lifestyle with several different arrangements, like residential homes, duplexes, or apartments, each basic alarm system and cable for your enjoyment. Watch the video to see more!

Our Valuable Care

We deeply care about our residents, and we show that by meeting your needs where you are. It is often our suggestion to have your retirement needs met before they occur so that you do not have to worry – or have others worry about the future. Our Director, Earl Mallory, even brought his own parents to Alliance Community because he believes in what we offer. With Christian principles and an outstanding reputation, you will never have to second guess our valuable care for each and every resident.

“My Dear Madeline” (Commercial)

We’ve received so many different stories from our residents about their excitement and gratitude for discovering Alliance Community.  The peace of mind that comes with the continuum of care gives them the freedom to find fullness in life, developing new adventures and making long-lasting friendships.  We decided it would be beneficial to summarize the stories joy and contentment into a single story, showcasing the wonderful uniqueness that Alliance Community brings.

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